Vision:  Getting to a Post-Carbon Economy and Equitable Air Quality in the San Francisco Bay Area

We're honored to announce that Bay Area Air Quality Management District's (BAAQMD) Henry Hilken will discuss the Air District's Vision for 2050 and the Draft 2017 Clean Air Plan for the San Francisco Bay Area.  The Air District released a new draft air quality plan with a Vision for 2050 – a call to action to "Spare the Air and Cool the Climate."  The 2017 Plan aims to lead the region to a post-carbon economy, to continue progress toward attaining all State and Federal air quality standards, and to eliminate health risk disparities from exposure to air pollution among Bay Area communities.  Please join us for this timely and informative discussion.

Guest Speaker(s)
  • Henry Hilken, Director of Planning and Climate Protection, Bay Area Air Quality Management District


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