GWS Sponsorships + Grants

The Golden West Section of A&WMA is seeking grants or sponsorship of $1,000 to $5,000 for university student scholarships and annual meeting activities, and for updating A&WMA environmental education teaching materials for Grades 6-12 that will be distributed to schools in our region and around the country.  Sponsors will have their company identity specifically named in association with the selected activity.

Sponsoring Students to Present Papers at the Annual Meeting

In an effort to encourage greater overall participation by students and young professionals, A&WMA has asked each Section to sponsor about five (5) students to attend the Annual Convention & Exhibition.  With the support of their professors, the sponsored students will be presenting full Technical Session and/or Poster Session presentations, and will be competing for Student Paper Awards or A&WMA International Scholarship Awards.  The total cost for each student attendee is expected to be about $800, including airfare, and the use of local college dormitory accommodations.

Environmental Education Resource Guides (EERGs)

Since the early 1990s, A&WMA has offered an environmental science curriculum for teachers and students on the topics of Air Quality and Non-Point Source Pollution Prevention.  Each of the two sets of "EERGs" contain instructions for teachers, and a series of 15 environmental science experiments designed to teach scientific principles tailored for children in specific age groups (Grades K-12).  An EERG QuickTutor Kit and Presenters Manual are also offered.  Sponsored workshops have been held around the country staffed by practicing environmental professionals to demonstrate the lessons and concepts to local teachers and principals.  The program has been recognized with seven national awards.  Under an earlier grant from the Toyota Corporation, the hardcopy versions of the EERGs for Grades K through 5 were converted to executable PowerPoint files (with lesson attachments) on CD-ROM.  At this time, there is an urgent need for grants and/or sponsors to allow A&WMA to hire professional assistance to update the content of the Grades 6-12 Air Quality lesson plans (now about 15 years old).  These lessons would also be converted to CD-ROM format.  A&WMA's price for distribution of the CD's is now about $15 apiece.  This price covers the cost of CD production and attached literature, but not the extra, one-time costs of content updates and CD conversion.  The contents of the entire 10 volume set are:

  • Air Quality – Grades K-2;
  • Air Quality – Grades 3-5;
  • Air Quality – Grades 6-8;
  • Air Quality – Grades 6-8 Spanish Edition;
  • Air Quality – Grades 9-12;
  • Non-Point Source Water Pollution – Grades K-2;
  • Non-Point Source Water Pollution – Grades 3-5;
  • Non-Point Source Water Pollution – Grades 6-8;
  • Non-Point Source Water Pollution – Grades 6-8 Spanish Edition; and
  • Non-Point Source Water Pollution – Grades 9-12.

GWS Scholarship Fund

For many years the A&WMA-GWS has offered an annual scholarship to one or more students in the GWS Northern California region enrolled at an accredited university in undergraduate or graduate programs in atmospheric or environmental science and engineering; energy; environmental policy; or waste management.  We have established the A&WMA-GWS Scholarship Fund, separate from the rest of the A&WMA-GWS operating budget.  Your donation is tax deductible.